Sunday, 23 August 2015

Black to basic

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Name: Bagheera pants
Pattern: Bukse 20033 from Stoff og Stil
Fabric: Coated stretch twill

During the summer I got the privileged to test a pattern from the Scandinavian sewing company Stoff og Stil. They called it a dream mission. I choose a pattern and fabric I wanted from their collection, and they sent me a package containing the pattern, fabric and other sewing supplies I need to sew it up.

As you may know, I don't wear pant. Sounds like I go naked all the time, but no. Pants don't fit me that well, and I haven't got the time to make alterations to a pattern that may work either. But I needed pants, because during the school semester I have laboratory work and it's forbidden to wear anything else (silent cry).

So I choose the Bukse (pants) 20033 because it seem technically not to advance (3 out of 5 buttons) with black stretch twill with coating. Basic was the thing and black goes with anything. But because of my sisters wedding this summer, and coming back to Trondheim with work, friends and a new apartment I didn't have the time. That is until today, Sunday is funday! The first Sunday in weeks I got time for myself (classes hasn't started full-time yet, YAY!)

This is the result of today. This is the front and back. Slashed pockets at the front, and nothing on the back. Next time I'll add back-pockets. This is the first time I've sewn a pattern from Stoff og Stil. I didn't know that the pattern had such a big variety when it came to fabric (as I found out on their page later). I sewed up a quick muslin in cotton to see the fit. The muslin pants had a lower waist and was waaay to snug around my bum. But I figured it'll fit when I used the stretch twill.

The thing I don't like about their patterns is that it's a one size pattern. I would really like a bigger size for when I sew with a stiffer fabric, but then I had to buy it in another size. I aslo had some trouble understanding the instructions at times. For example it switched between saying the left side of the pants when you're wearing them, and the left side when you're looking at them. Very confusing! It took me a long time to figure out which kind  of left the instructions meant for the waistband.

And for those of you that live in Oslo, Norway. Stoff og Stil is opening another store in the city center as big as the one I have up here in Trondheim! Amazballs! They have their gran opening on September 3rd, so mark the date if you're in the area!

Hope you've enjoyed my post this sunny Sunday, and sorry for not blogging that much. Happy Sunday! (And by the way, this is my view from my new apartment! I have a view now!)

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