Saturday, 30 May 2015

Just one, and another one. OK, last one.

Name: Ray jumper / Pongo skirt / Bolt jumper / Jasmine skirt
Pattern: Astoria from Seamwork Mag.
Fabric: Stretch thick jersey

I sewed my first Astoria the Buzz Lightyear jumper earlier this month, and I loved it! I love, love, love it so much that I went out the next day and bought some more stretch fabric that I could use for the same jumper. So here is the result.

First of is my Ray jumper naming it after firefly Ray from The Princess and the Frog movie. It's a beautiful grey knit pattern fabric that has a bit stretch and a lot of body. I needed to go up a size on the bust, but keep the size at my waist. The day I took the picture for me-made May I paired with a white self drafted pleat skirt, the Pongo skirt. Even though it doesn't have black spots like Pongo, I like the name.

The other jumper I made is the Bolt jumper. This one doesn't have a black lightning on it either, but Bolt didn't have the lightning mark after all so I'm calling it a win. The skirt is my Jasmine skirt made from the half circle app from By Hand London. It is simple, but goes wonderfully with the Bolt jumper. The skirt was made from the same fabric I had left over from my Genie dress (Hihi get it?) 

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