Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My very first Emery dress.

Name: Genie dress
Pattern: Emery dress from Christine Haynes.
Fabric: Cotton twill

This pattern is so long overdo! I have drooled over this pattern for a very long time, and during Easter break I entered Christine Haynes giveaway competition, and won! I wanted the printed pattern because I think those are the pretty ones, and it arrived to Norway two weeks ago. So nothing else to do then hop on to it. The color of this dress reminded me of Genie from Aladdin, so I'm calling it the Genie dress.

The scary thing is that i just gambled on this one. I didn't have the patience to make a muslin, but luckily the finished measurements fitted me. The only thing is that I would like to make the bodice a bit longer for the next one (of course it's going to be a next one). We tried taking pictures outside with the nice weather and everything, but the sun was simply to bright. So inside it was.

I've entered the me-made-may 2015, and although I like my dresses to be presented without any tights, I'm wearing tights outside of the home. Why? Because it's Norway, and although it seems sunny and warm, it's a false sense of security, and you'll get sick. I don't have time to be sick, especially with the exams coming up. Tights it is!

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