Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Thrift shop refashion!

Name: Flounder jumper
Pattern: Astiora from Seamwork Mag
Fabric: Thrift shop jumper

I spotted this fantastic jumper at my local thrift shop, and just had to have it. Isn't it brightly beautiful? This is a mens jumper size XL. Luckily bf didn't want it, (it was to big for him anyway) so I cut it up and stitch it together again. This time I used the pattern of the Astoria from Seamwork magazine. Here's some of the process:

First I cut all the different pieces out, leaving the cuff and waistband as it was. I picked up the neckband with a seamripper so that I could still use it was. Then I simply cut my pattern on the different pieces, starting where the waistband ended.

Then I just simply stitch the pieces together. First front and back, and then sleeves, neckband and side seams. I was pretty pleased with the result! Nice to have something so bright and colorful when it's so dark outside. Come on, spring, we're waiting for you!

The color is more like the warm one when the picture is taken inside rather then the ones when I'm out in the dark!

Yellow Flounder jumper! Should have had some blue stripes in here as well..

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