Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The simplicity of the Astoria pullover

Name: Buzz Lightyear jumper
Pattern: Astoria sweater from Seamwork Mag.
Fabric: Bf's old jumper

I'm calling this jumper the Buzz Lightyear Sweater. It's simple, but beautiful. takes under an hour to make and fits great (mainly because it's knit/jersey fabric). This is the first Astoria I made.

Boyfriend clean out his closet and threw away clothes he never used. In the mix of all this I found a sweater I thought was nice, and I haven't made the Astoria yet, so why not give it a try.

He is a size large, so it was enough fabric for me to make a sweater. I didn't cut out the waistband for then to reattach it again, so I cut out the front and back pieces with the waistband. I also didn't have enough to make a neckband, so on this one I just folded the neck and sewed over it.

Wiggle wiggle in my RTW skirt and the Astoria sweater. Because it only took an hour to make I made two more while I was at it. White and grey. I will be showing them off during #mmmay15 on instagram, so look for it.

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